The Brief: To create a fun lettering piece about Chicago.

Role: Graphic designer and illustrator responsible for concept, design, and implementation of all lettering and illustration.

Tools Used: Paper, pencil and ink, scanner, Adobe Creative Suite.


As any Chicagoan, I have a certain pride for the city, so it was really fun to create this hand-drawn lettering piece about the city. Chi-Town is slang for Chicago, and of course people know the city by the tagline “The Windy City”. I’m here to tell you that it IS windy, but that slogan is actually political (from all the windbags in Chicago politics). I drew a quick skyline outline, hand-drew the letters, and then inked them and scanned them into the computer. The remaining vectorizing and colorizing to get the final image was done in Adobe Illustrator. I think this piece is fun and shows the boldness and grittiness of the city itself.