The Brief: To create a series of fun fruit puns using a quirky, playful style to sell on greeting cards and calendars for the stationary market and the Paper Heart Dispatch product line.

Role: Graphic designer and illustrator responsible for concept, design, and implementation of all lettering and illustration.

Tools Used: Paper, pencil and ink, colored pencils, scanner, Adobe Creative Suite.

A few finished fruit puns from the series.

A few finished fruit puns from the series.

I’m a huge fan of puns, so decided to do a series of fruit puns with a unique combination of hand-drawn lettering and cute fruit characters. All of the drawings are hand-drawn illustrations on paper, inked and colored with colored pencils by hand. And since everyone loves puns, these found a market and ended up on greeting cards, prints, and 2018 and 2019 calendars for the Paper Heart Dispatch online stationary shop and sold around town in a few physical shops.

I was tickled by the series of fruit drawings, so decided to expand to veggie puns as well, adding over 20 new hand-drawn illustrations of punny vegetable characters. Again, all hand-drawn and hand-colored, this series has been a delight, and will be featured on more greeting cards, prints, and a 2019 and 2020 calendar as well. Puns rule!