The Brief: To create an image of holiday beverages incorporating lettering. Final piece for online viewing. Created for Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells open brief.

Role: Graphic designer and illustrator responsible for concept, design, and implementation of all lettering and illustration.

Tools Used: Pencil & pen, paper, scanner, Adobe Creative Suite.

This piece was created for a prompt on holiday beverages. My favorite way to welcome the holiday season is a nice hot mulled beverage. I also really like rhyming, so this spiked mulled cider recipe was perfect for me, especially once I added in the tagline. I started this piece on paper with some pencil sketches, then inked the elements I wanted to include, and then scanned it into the computer. I created some decorations for the letters and the borders, then pieced it all together in Adobe Illustrator, vectorizing the drawings and adding color. The final piece is a cute homage to a perfect holiday warmer. Cheers!