The Brief: To create a product based on Rome, typography, and Italian culture.

Role: Graphic designer and illustrator responsible for concept, design, and implementation of all lettering and illustration. Supervised by Louise Fili and Steven Heller.

Tools Used: Pencil & pen, paper, camera, Adobe Creative Suite.

Image of final 6 postcards and paper envelope packaging.

Image of final 6 postcards and paper envelope packaging.

This set of six hand-drawn lettered postcards was inspired by and produced in Rome, Italy during a long visit in 2018 and used the city as a direct source for the typography and decoration. Rooted in the tradition of original Italian typographic signage, these Italian words describing impressions of the city were hand-drawn based on signs seen on the streets of Rome. The swirls and decoration were taken from some of the many wrought-iron grates, window coverings, gates, fences, and doors that were prevalent all over the city. Even the color palette was taken from actual images of the city itself, making this set of six postcards perfect as a response to the city.

The postcards feature Italian words that describe Rome and the Italian experience and come complete with a beautiful paper envelope to create the perfect package for lettering and stationary lovers.