I’ve always been a creative person, and love working with paper and my hands. I studied fine art and creative writing and my teenage-self wanted to be a painter and a poet—but then I realized I enjoyed drawing and telling stories in prose much more, and was way better at it, so I settled into short story writing and printmaking/drawing instead. Once I graduated, this love of words and images made publishing a perfect fit, so I’ve spent over 14 years combining the written word with illustrations in books, articles, and pages as a way to keep working with both! When I discovered lettering in 2014, I realized that drawing words and text for lettering pieces was the perfect way to combine my two passions! I love combining illustration and graphic design on client projects to help give innovative fun solutions that break out of the regular corporate doldrums. Let’s smile and brighten someone’s day instead, yeah?


  • Custom illustrations and lettering pieces for marketing campaigns, social media, products & packaging, or presentations

  • Illustration and print design for stationery for greeting cards, invitations, books, articles, and brochures/fliers

  • Illustrated infographics and graphic depictions of data snippets or complex data and concepts

Current and past clients include: RedThread Research, The Cup Effect, Chez Benoit French Bistro, Survivor Life, Law Offices of Scott Shapiro, Aulys Editorial, CC Fliou Apothecary, Jump Trading, and other small businesses and individuals.

Want the full deets on me?

Find my resume here, or my LinkedIn profile here.

My studio, works in progress!

My studio, works in progress!

About me

  • I’m a Midwesterner ex-pat in London, exploring all that this city has to offer. My accent will betray me (and my accidental use of the word “pants” for trousers).

  • I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, but there's definitely a Midwestern girl in here after 15 years in Chicago. Politeness and niceties rule!

  • Drawing puns is one of my favorite things to do!

  • I'm a planner at heart and have many to-do lists, and I love checking things off as done!

  • I'm really good at hidden objects games.

  • I sing along to cheesy 80s tunes when I'm stressed out or having a bad day. Journey or Madonna anyone?

  • I love typography and signage! It’s not unusual for me to be taking pictures of weird stuff, just to capture some letters.

  • My old late 19th century house gave me a greater appreciation for the vintage aesthetic, so I like to visit flea markets and peruse old stuff and antiques.

  • I try to travel outside of the US at least once a year to get out of my comfort zone, despite not being fluent in anything but English.

  • Sometimes I like something LESS because it's popular. I like to personalize things so I don't feel like a sheep following along with everyone else.

  • If it's not tasty or refreshing, it's not worth ingesting. Too much food, too little time…

  • Sharing meals together creates great experiences, and I don't like cooking alone either.

  • As a child, I had a recurring nightmare of a zebra wearing a green necktie that jumped through my bedroom window and held my family hostage in my sister's closet. No idea why.

  • In elementary school I was always a good speller, but I was too shy and embarrassed to stand up in front of everyone and spell out loud.

  • A strong work ethic + taking care of business ASAP = more time to play!

  • And I love photo booths!!