Jennifer Hines, loving illustrating and lettering so much, especially creating marketing and social media artwork, illustrated infographics, and stationery and print design.

About Me

With a background in drawing and creative writing, drawing words and lettering was an instant passion for me since it includes both text and illustrations and allows me to combine my two loves. This also means that publishing and infographics have always been a great fit, so I’ve spent over 15 years combining artwork and the written word.

Drawing on my iPad, work in progress!

Drawing on my iPad, work in progress!

I love creating custom illustrations and lettering artwork for clients to help give innovative, fun solutions that break out of the typical corporate doldrums and brighten their customers’ days — let me delight your customers and help drive brand loyalty!

  • I have a background in publishing and technical illustration so I love working with type and images, excel at illustrating and breaking down complex subject matter into more digestible nuggets, and am a pro at setting files up for print.

  • My hand-drawn lettering skills means I can give a unique and customized look to your text, tagline, message, or logo! Be it fun or formal, hand-drawn lettering sets your brand apart from the competitors!

  • I like to make everything cute with a pun, joke, play-on-words, or just illustrating a cute little face on things that normally don’t have one to induce smiles. Authentic connections call for images that resonate with your audience and promote sharing, and cute is currency on the internet!

I also believe that work should just be part of the day, so in my spare time, you can find me: giggling over puns, hanging with my dogs, enjoying some tasty food and drinks with friends and family, drawing on my iPad, planning my next adventure abroad or next door, and listening to 80’s music that I can sing along to. And I love photo booths!! What about you??

Let’s be cute and silly!

Let’s be cute and silly!

Let’s Connect!

Need some cute and custom illustrations? Explore my process and get a custom quote for your illustration needs on my Process page.

My work is available for licensing. Contact me below if you’re interested in licensing any of my artwork for stationery, products, marketing campaigns, or if you have other ideas!

Interested in taking a Beginning or Intermediate Lettering Workshop? Head over to my Workshops page to find out where to attend a lettering workshop or how to bring one to your area.

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