Customized lettering and illustration gives an authentic flair to your message—increase engagement and sales with custom graphics to show the personality of your business and make you stand out from your competitors with something unique and fun that will highlight YOU.


  • Custom illustrations and lettering pieces for social advertising and marketing campaigns to stand out and connect authentically with your audience. Beautiful, fun, and giggle-worthy illustrations to get people interested, engaged, and connected!

  • Artwork for fun and creative products, packaging, and stationery. Cute and marketable lettering and illustrations to catch a buyer’s eye to create products they’ll love to own or gift!

  • Illustrated infographics and data snippets for social sharing and website graphics. Fun illustrated statistics more memorable than a typical bar chart that communicate your mission, features, and results to your audience!


My Process

Working with me should be a fun experience, I’ve got you every step of the way.

  • At the beginning, I’ll communicate a timeline so you’re not wondering when something is coming or when you need to provide feedback.

  • We’ll talk about what you want the illustration to look like and so I can make sketches that suit the style, feeling, and end use you’re looking for and make sure it’s on-brand.

  • You’ll receive sketches of the discussed design so you can see what it will look like, and provide feedback early on—this way you know what the final illustration will look like.

  • By the time you receive the final illustration, there should be no surprises!

Working together should be fun, so that’s why I aim to appreciate your time, be nice and communicate expectations and explanations, and understand boundaries and keep it to business hours, and I expect you’ll do the same with me. Work is work, but we all have busy and messy lives we need to live too!


What does it cost?

Pricing can vary based on your specific needs and project, but prices range from $500-$2500 depending on complexity and detail you’d like to see in the final illustration.


How long does it take?

Most projects can be completed in about 2 weeks after receiving a 50% deposit and signed contract to start! Faster timelines can be accommodated based on schedule availability for an additional rush fee.


What can I use my illustration for?

All project pricing will include non-exclusive promotional rights for both print and web to use images in marketing campaigns and social media.

If you’d like commercial rights, exclusive or buy-out rights, or want to license the image for a product for sale, those rights can be added on for an additional fee at the time of creation, or within 3 months of project completion.

Get a Quote for a Custom Illustration!

Get a custom quote for your illustration or lettering piece by answering some questions about your specific needs so we can discuss the details of your project! Pricing starts at just $500!

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