Learn lettering to add to your professional skill-set and be the envy of all of your friends!

This class is a great access point for a hobbyist, true beginner, as well as for an artist who wants to expand into typography/handlettering.
— Kate S.G., Chicago workshop attendee

Have you ever seen all of those amazing lettering pieces and wondered, “How do they do that? I want to learn too!”

Well, now you can!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to model your letters after real fonts so your letterforms look consistent and readable, but still make them your own and inject your own style!

  • How to map out a composition for your word or phrase and begin the sketching process!

  • How to review your own work before you get too far so you can self-correct and avoid common pitfalls!

  • How to finalize your composition and add decoration, shadows, and embellishment!

You’ll go home with all the tools you need to map out and perfect a lettering piece and set yourself up for success!

I’ve taken lettering classes in the past and didn’t ‘get it.’ Jennifer’s class was like a lightbulb going off—I learned so much!
— P. Morgan, Chicago workshop attendee
Jennifer knows how to make difficult concepts simpler for beginners. She was well organized and provided great handouts.
— Robin E., Chicago workshop attendee

About the Instructor

Jennifer Hines has been an artist and graphic designer for over 20 years, with a specialty in hand-drawn lettering for over 4 years. She studied fine art and creative writing, and has been drawing all her life while nurturing a love for words. When she discovered lettering, she fell in love as the perfect combination of the two! Jennifer is skilled on both hand-drawn and digital lettering on Procreate and the iPad, and has taught hand-drawn lettering sessions in Chicago. She also founded the Chicago Lettering Club, a lettering-based community where fellow artists get together to draw and network, and share a love of letters! She has now relocated to London, UK and is setting up a lettering community and courses abroad.

You can read more about me on my About Me page.

Come learn from someone who remembers what it’s like to start as a beginner and practice to become a pro!

The class was an amazing class for beginners! It was chill and not judgmental. It doesn’t matter if you’re bad at it. It’s fun!
— Jackie Y., Chicago workshop attendee
Jennifer is a personable instructor who makes sure that you are understanding each step before proceeding. She is full of “pro-tips” and freely shares her knowledge and her journey.
— Christy T., Chicago workshop attendee

More workshops to come in London in 2019!

I will be planning more workshops in London, and hopefully Chicago and more cities as well, in 2019 and 2020. Stay tuned for details!

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